How It Works

Step 1

You Pick It

Select the microgreens you would like and complete the checkout process

Step 2

We Grow It

After checkout, we will plant your microgreens which typically takes 8-12 days before they are ready to be harvested

Step 3

We Deliver It

Your microgreens will be harvested live <24 hrs of delivery right to your door.

Our Method

Method receives your order of microgreens


Seed trays are weighted down to mimic growing in soil

Blackout allows the seedlings to stretch in height

Seeds are planted in trays with growing medium (coco coir)

Seeds have finished germinating and are ready to enter blackout

 Before true leaves appear, the microgreens are harvested

Temperature, air flow, and humidity are closely monitored daily

Trays are placed into the vertical growing racks

Watering occurs twice per day

Seedlings are introduced to 6500K full specturm grow lights

Packaged in recyclable packaging

Microgreens stay fresh up to 2 weeks in the refridgerator

Your microgreens are harvested <24 hours before delivery 

Deliveries on the 1st and 3rd week of the month